MySQL Tables Restore

I discovered several days ago that two tables had disappeared from a website’s MySQL database (leaving less-than attractive MySQL errors all over the place). Technical support drew my attention to the restore option in the panel, however it does precisely nothing: selecting a restore-and-replace from the list at a time when the missing tables were all present does not restore the tables, and if I choose restore-under-a-different-name there’s no obvious way to access the restored tables.

(I’ve tried it using the wild-card as well as naming the different tables comma-separated and individually - no dice).

What am I missing - it appears that the process is straightforward (select a particular backup and the tables timewarp back to it) - but am I being a bit dim here?

To be clear: the tables have disappeared, so they are not currently present in the database. Would I need to create a dummy table to be replaced over? Would it need to be structurally identical?

Does this (tables spontaneously disappearing - DH have admitted that it’s something that happened to their server, not something I did) happen very often? I manage some sites that update so often that I don’t think I could maintain an up-to-date back-up of them myself. Luckily this is not one of them - in fact it took me a couple of weeks to notice that something was wrong, as it’s very very low traffic indeed.