MySQL Structure error

I have created a MySQL database and loaded up tables (from an equivalent MySQL database from a previous hosting company so I know that the structure is correct).
On the structure page I get an error that the feature for working with linked tables has been de-activated.
The associated documentation does not make sense to me.
How do I get that feature re-activated? and how much is there for a relational database without linked tables anyway?

There are a few suggestions on the Suggestions page about this…

To enable the “features for working with linked tables”, you want to vote for “Unlock the General relation features of PhpMyAdmin.” At least I think so. There used to be a suggestion called “Add pamdb support to phpmyadmin” (typo: they meant pmadb), but that doesn’t seem to appear on the suggestion list anymore. (The weird part is, I voted for that one before it was deleted, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get my votes back.)

However, note that these “linked table” features are only a figment of PhpMyAdmin’s imagination, and do not have any affect on MySQL itself. If you want real foreign keys, you want to vote for InnoDB, or (even better), PostgreSQL. Both of those are on the suggestions page as well. I voted for PostgreSQL. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response.
Firstly where is the “suggestions” page?
I have looked within the control panel, knowledgebase and forum and haven’t found it yet.
Secondly, I wasn’t aware that the “link” features are only in phpmyadmin and not in mysql itself. Useful to know.
That brings me on to my final point.
I had an application working on another host which I copied over to DH.
When I try to access it I get the message:
"Warning: mysql_connect(): Lost connection to MySQL server during query in /home/.elke/manspark/ on line 338
Lost connection to MySQL server during query"
I had guessed that this was related to the lack of linked features, but now it seems unlikely.
Any suggestions?

The Suggestions panel is in the Control Panel under Home / Suggestions.

As for the MySQL connection problem, I’ll leave that for someone else. :slight_smile: I use adodb on my sites without problem. Assuming there’s nothing wrong with the code, it sounds like it could be a problem with the database server, and that’s something you’d have to ask support about.

Maybe it’s trying to access local host? That usually the most common problem with transfering scripts…

Thanks for the suggestion. There is only one place I know about in the script which references where the database is.
I have amended that, but I will have a further look around.

In case anyone has prior knowledge, it is a personal information manager called booby (not a good name, but a very good utility).

I have voted for it.

As the app had been copied down from my last host to windows then up to dreamhost, I decided to start with a fresh copy.
There was a new version (this is an open source app).
I downloaded it, ran the config options in the readme file and it worked first time.
Better than fixing the old one.
Thanks for your help