MySQL Squash Ladder Problem

Hello Everyone!

I’m trying to install a squash ladder on my dreamhost account. I’ve added another My_SQL database and I’ve uploaded and edited the files (but apparently not correctly). When I load up the main file (squash.php) I get an error saying

Warning: mysql_pconnect(): Lost connection to MySQL server during query in /home/.nasser/scotty_01/ on line 23

And line 23 in that respective file is (in bold):

function database_connect()
// change this line to reflect your server name! If you do not have a
// server name, use “localhost”
$result = mysql_pconnect(“”);

return false;
return false;

return $result;


Where squash01 is the My_SQL datebase and is my hostname (line 23)

What am I doing wrong?

I think you need to put in your mysql host name, for server name. That’s gonna look something like or whatever you set up when you created the database.


That gives me this error when I refresh the site:

Warning: mysql_pconnect(): Access denied for user ‘scotty_01’@‘’ (using password: NO) in /home/.nasser/scotty_01/ on line 23

the line says it’s not using the password - that’s why access is denied now. You’ll have to find settings somewhere to put your password in - or perhaps you forgot to type it in the first place?