MySQL Slow, Intermittently Down?


Is anyone else having issues with MySQL today? It was down for most of the morning (static pages loaded up fine), and now it’s just extremely slow.

An example:

Just want to know if its widespread, or limited to me only.


Dreamhost has many, many different mySQL servers. It’s possible that YOURS is having issues, but most other people here will not be affected (unless theirs == yours or theirs is also having trouble).
File a ticket with support and ask them to look into your database server’s performance. Sometimes dimwits are overloading them with bad queries.


It’s responding ok to me. Not zippy, but not that slow. You can find out which SQL server you’re on by clicking on Account Status in the upper right corner of the panel.



I moved to dreamhost 2 days ago,
static pages are fast but dynamic ones with simple sql connections are very slow and often give ‘500 internal server error’ messages.
I’m on scorpion with phil:ruballos as sql server, few minutes ago the sql server died completely so we are probably experiencing the same problems


i have problems

“goofy:flack” MySQL Server intermittently down and slow.