MySQL Sloooow

I’m noticing my SQL queries are really slow lately. I’m on a shared server. According to the control panel, the name of the SQL server I’m using is called “fin”. Most queries are around 0.01 seconds which is OKAY, but it spikes randomly up to 0.70 sometimes, even for a simple query like ‘show tables’, so when you have multiple queries per page it can get really slow. For example, I just installed vBulletin and it literally took me a half hour to get through the install process (it has to create and edit hundreds of tables) because of the slow queries. Just wondering if anyone else having this problem. Thanks.

You might want to ask DH’s DB jockeys to take a look at it. Someone else might be using unoptimized queries. They could find out and beat them up for you.

Wholly - IS NOT MY PROMO CODE. Even worse, I don’t get any credit for it. Use WhollyMindless for full credit. I’m really disappointed in someone.

Alright, I’ll ask and see what they say. It’s not my account, I’m just trying to help out a friend with theirs. Just another reason why I love my trusty old “New Moon” (dedicated) server. It’s always fast and I rarely have problems with it. I don’t think you can even get dedicated anymore through DH (may be wrong though).

Just ask to be moved to a different database server (requesting an investigation on the load on the current server could work, too, but a simple transfer gets it done nice right away). I did that for my MediaWiki installation when it was going slowly, and it now runs nice and quickly.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

this is a problem in shared server. if somebody in the same server uses too much resource, others in the same server will be affected.

shared server is good enough for peronsal use. If we are seious with the bandwidth, we should go for dedicated server. And dedicated server is still available in DH.

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