Mysql setup

I have multi domains (Hostnames) and multi SQLs (Servers). When I added a new domain and tried to setup the MySQL(Server) for it, the database was added to another domain (MySQL server).

There is something here I do not understand! There may be no problem in sharing a Hostname but I just don’t like the idea.

When I tried to delete it, it would not delete. I can Disable it but not delete it. What’s up with that?

I want the Hostname(s) for MySQL server to be linked to the new domain name so that, at least in my mind, they are completely seperate. Is this possible?

Hi, singerm.

if you want to use differnt MySQL server for different domain, you should choose Create a new hostname now when you creaete new database

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I think that is what I have done.

I created a database and new hostname. The hostname and database was added to another MySQL server. I now have four hostname(s) togeather. on a singel MySQL server. The comment after the entries is what scared me, ie. (These are all interchangeable.) WOW!

I also have a test-database and Hostname based on another domain and created a second one for that domain. I have two and they are seperate. I would like to delete one.

Does it have anything to do with a maximum number of Servers? I have a total of eight.

Of these eight, I would like to delete a couple. How is that done?

You can have unlimited MySQL in DH.

To delete a MySQL hostname or database, go to DH panel --> Goodies --> Manage MySQL.

You should see a list of hostnames and databases. Click “X” to disable them.

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Thanks for the help. I do not want to tie you up all night but one more exchange and then I have to hit the sack.

Yeah, click “X” does disable them but I want to delete them. (I think)

Say I have HostName(s): (All associated with MyDomain)
The databases are sports1db, sports2db & ebaydb.

and I want to create HostName(s):

I can not have two HostName(s) of “ebay”.
Say I want to move the ‘ebay’ hostname & ebaydb to MyNewDomain.
I would have to delete it from “MyDomain” and re-create it at “MyNewDomain”. If this is possible.

If I simply “Disable” it, it will NOT go away. I can leave it disabled for years and it will NOT go away.

Therefore I can never create a Hostname of “

I am probably putting too much into the name of the HostName(s). It should be and then concentrate the naming convention of the database such as “sports1db” & “ebaydb”.

But, here I am. How do I get rid of the unwanted hostnames?
How do I move/create a hostname with the same domain name?

well, i just tried.

you can have “” and “” hostnames.

and this is also confusing. I tried to disable a hostname. It seems it will remove the hostname. I tried to create a same hostname after deleteing, the system did not complain about the name.

Can I say I’ve deleted the hostname?

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Well, now my Editor is not posting. I think that DH has a SingerM filter. Ha!

I was also able to disable. When I created a new Hostname and db it was added to an existing Hostname not a new one.

I’ll try agn tomorrow. Maybe I am not allowing things to propigate and that is confusing the issues.