Mysql setup for gallery

I am installing the gallery script and it stops on step 5, trying to connect to the database. Step one of the install, sets up a mysql database. I am using the login info specified during the setup but the install bawks saying " Unable to connect to database with the information provided".

Interestingly, if I look at the dreamhost panel, the database I created does not show up. Could this be the same problem as others seem to be having with mysql? I wonder if it is down on the whole server?

Are you sure that your database hostname ( is accessible? Have you supplied it to the script? (You can’t use localhost.)
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

If I browse to the database: I am presented with the login box, but the userid and password I specified does not work. The login message is

enter the username and password for PHPmyadmin on server xxxx.

Seems odd

user name for panel / FTP / mysql is different


Thank you folks. I found the problem. I did not follow the steps correctly and had a typo in directory path to g2data.

User problem.

I wanted to enunciate the solution just a little bit since I was having a similar problem and this thread popped out of Google and put me on the right path to completing my Gallery installation:

  • Last poster said he hadn’t followed the instructions explicitly enough regarding the data directory, so I went back and redid that step a couple of times. Then I paid attention to the little code box about chmod’ing the data directory. I logged into my shell user and checked the directory’s permissions. It was set to 700. So I set it to 755 (777 is the REAL number of the beast lol) and resubmitted and tried the MySQL connect again - fail.

  • So now I go back and I look carefully at the email from the DreamHost Robot regarding the data directory and notice I have included a trailing ‘/’. I remove the ‘/’ and resubmit - failed.

  • I look one more time at the database submission page and note that my hostname had a bunch of extraneous stuff (leading ‘http://www.’ and trailing ‘/’). Remove them and resubmit - VICTORY FOR SYLVANAS!!!

Will re-post if I find any additional concerns.