MySQL servers on static ip's?


Anyone know if they are? Replying to another thread it got me thinking. If the servers running MySQL are on static ip I could just use my dyndns account to point directly to it and bypass the dns servers here. Or is this not even possible?

If it’s possible then I’ll be purchasing a static ip for my shared hosting space and configure everything from I currently have it so that dyndns is pointing to dreamhost for the name servers which is sad. I paid good money to use their name servers.

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Well, duh. I just realized that if it was static I wouldn’t have to use a name server at all. Just directly use the ip…

I think the ttl on the MySQL server is 14400 ( which is the same for everything at Dreamhost so that doesn’t help me out. Doing ‘Lookups’ on various sites hosted by DH and they’re all the same value. I was hoping that I could find out if things were static if the ttl was longer.

I’m a noob at this. All i need to know is if the MySQL servers are on static ip so I can safely bypass the DH’s name servers. Anyone with more experience know how to determine this?

Thanks in advanced.

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well, yes and no. It’s kinda safe to use the IP address. There’s a good chance it will stay the same for a while, years even. But dremahost makes no promises - if they decided to re-arrange IPs for whatever reason, they can and will - and then your scripts will break.

I’d reccomend you use the name servers if at all possible. The current issues with the DNS are on the way out the door, so I think that you won’t have any issues there.



Ah, thanks for the info. I decided to use the ip for less latency. I remember someone mentioning that the dns info doesn’t get cached and so it constantly gets looked up. If it’s true or not i dunno but the site does feel faster. Not terribly important if it gets switched over at the moment.

And I thought that there was going to be a major change in the DNS system and it’s not going to happen over night.

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