MySQL Server Name

On the DH Manage MySQL panel, it shows “benji:eeds” for MySQL Server. I’m trying to backup the database with a script and it, apparently, needs the host name. I’ve tried “benji” and “benji:eeds” with no success. What would the host name be?

That “benji:eeds” is the server name on the DreamHost network, not your “hostname”. Look on the Manage MySQL Control Panel screen, below that reference to the server name and above the actual database names, for a list of “host names” that are established.


Thank-you for the clarification. I got the automysqlbackup script to work on two databases. I’m thrilled!

Now I need to learn rsync to backup the rest of the site…

You’re most welcome, and I glad your got you backup accomplished; good luck with rsync - I’m sure you will do fine! :slight_smile: