MySQL server has gone away

Hi guys,

I am switching from Just host to Dreamhost. On Justhost I installed Mantis BT and I have been using it for a while. The database for Mantis is very large (100 MB). So I exported from Justhost using SSH, then uploaded to Dreamhost using SSH, then using command line mode, I’m trying to import it to the new DB.

Every time I try that it gives me the same error
ERROR 2006 (HY000) at line 79: MySQL server has gone away

I searched on Google and it seems to be a problem of the max socket configuration, which needs the admin privilege to override. On a shared host I obviously don’t have that. I was wondering if any of you have experience with this error and importing large DB files? Help and discussions are appreciated. Thanks!

I would break up the .sql file into pieces and load each one separately.
Check with the MantisBT forum too, you might get a more informed answer.

( I’m Starbuck over there too… :slight_smile: )

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