"MySQL server has gone away"

Since yesterday, I have been seeing this error message in my Wordpress logs (I’ve masked out my server information) :

Lines 1858 and 1860 (bold below) has this set of code :

Any advice as to what’s causing this and how to fix this ?



It’s not the file you’re looking at. That’s just the file WP is using to connect and it’s failing.

I take it your site is still running, so this is generally caused by your site dropping a connection mid-stream and WP tries to reconnect, due to a slow process. Have you tried the old standard of disabling some plugins? IIRC comet cache had a problem with this a few years back.

Thanks for responding to my question. I decided to open a support case and the support team looked at this quickly and was able to determine that there was an issue with the MySQL service. They have migrated me to a new service.