MySQL Server Down?

I can’t connect to the database seems down?

NZA Fatal Error!
The developer says:
couldn’t add user m0comp: connect_admin failed for scarlet:victoria


Seems down !

That is bad for my computerclub… :S

I am gonna contact customer support

Ditto! (Except mine says “connect_admin failed for scarlet:theda”.)

Any word on this?

I seem to be having a similar problem; I cannot add any new MySQL Databases. When I click “Add new database now!” it just hangs there loading forever.


Yes, same here. Can’t add databases, can’t perform one-click installs. Nothing on the status page.

Ditto, same problem here. I was trying to install a new PHP package this afternoon and it hung halfway and I have been problems with mySQL ever since. Whenver I do something on the web like add/delete user or delete the database it hangs, but appears to get done after a while if I refresh the page. From the command line all attempts to connect to my new databases fail (my old one for a phpForum is fine) by hanging.

I’m new to DreamHost so this is the first time I’ve emailed customer support. How long does it normally take to get a reply? I’ve been waiting over 12 hours which can’t be right, can it?

Same here. I’m getting lots of “can’t connect” errors in my php. Support says: “We are experiencing problems with our database server. We are currently working to resolve the issues.”


I just installed Wordpress last night; it’s my fault. :slight_smile:

can’t connect to database on my wordpress blog!!! Is this a problem I created or is there a server problem. How about an update~~!!!

Looks like they fixed it already.
Up to 50 mins on error. Sigh.

Fixed on my site too. This was the first outage I’ve seen since signing up with DreamHost on week ago. I look forward to better status and announcements from DreamHost.

My problem was fixed very quickly - I got a response saying that they had fixed the problem about an hour after I told them.

I’ve read its pretty typical for DreamHost to fix the problem then tell you they have fixed it. Rather than just respond to tell you “Okay, we’ll look into it”, then fix it, then tell you. That may make them look less responsive, but they get the fix done just as fast.

I’m also back up and running - it took them nearly 20 hours and I’ve still not had any response from support, but the problem is sorted. Thanks for your reply.

And their down again as of 5:25 PM EST. I sent in a email to them. I have lost count as to how many times the databases have gone down in the past few months.

It’s 7:04 EST, 10/20/05 – my MySQL server seems to be down. I’m a new customer – is this a semi-regular occurence? My site uses Wordpress, so unfortunately the entire site is unviewable as long as the server is down.

my forum has been hanging as well…what’s going on? is it like this a lot of the time?

I’ve just had a reply from DH:

We have been experiencing an unusually heavy disk activity with your database server ‘menchit’, and we were unable to isolate the problem. The admins are moving the server to new hardware.

I also had many SQL error by email (from vbulletin)

but the forum seam to work. Something is wrong