MySQL Server Down

Is there possible that the MySQL Server is down ? My website use a database (phpBB forum) and it doesn’t work…

I am on herod server for the Web but in the panel control we can’t see where is the MySQL server and we can’t see the MySQL server status. Is there any possibility to view the status of the MySQL Server ?

Thank you.


Edit: Well done, the MySQL Server where is my database is up (so I may think that the shutdown was not too long …)

But my another question is always there : is there any possibility to view the status of my MySQL server ?



I am guessing that my MySQL service was also down, from around 11am GST Saturday through to 12am GST Sunday (a long time). Again I didn’t get any notification, error emails, or alerts. Anyone know the reason for this downtime?

I am experiencing failures of the MySQL server on my account right now, is anyone else? I am getting the following, rather odd, message returned from mysql_error() immediatly after mysql_connect() fails

1064 : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ’ 1)’ at line 2.

This is rather odd, since I don’t have query syntax at this point …

hey hituro, which server are you on?

I don’t know how much relevance this has to what you are experiencing but i thought I would let anyone and everyone know…

if you are hosting phpbb2 or invisionboard on any of your domains I was recently targeted a couple of weeks ago and also again last night. there is a team of game kiddies called LUElinks who attacked my phpbb2 board and last night my invisionboard. They managed to exploit invision with a sql injection and actually get into my database. So Im willing to bet these kids are wreaking havoc all over dreamhost databases at this time. My friend noticed a surge of 40+ people on her new board all at once, it has not even been promoted pubicly yet, but still 40 people found it all in one night all at the same time. BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THIS.

What these kids typically do is register, deface your forums and keep you busy deleting and trying to deter and distract you all while they attack your database, then lock you out of the admin and take over your board.


Went to phpBB’s site. It’s not a exploit.
It’s not a flaw.

It’s a Denial of Service attack, which anyone can do to anyone with just about any program online. So yes, be aware of the problem but know it’s not a php or phpBB flaw.