MySQL (scarlet) down for anyone else?

Pinging it yields “unknown host.”

I’m trying to install PHP-Nuke but can’t connect to MySQL server (scarlet).

The message says: “There seems to be a problem with the MySQL server”. :frowning:

I contacted support yesterday and still waiting for their reply.

No but all my sql db’s are empty (even though the Goodies > SQL > Usage page shows each of my db’s have data on them. When I log into them via phpMyAdmin they all say ‘no database’ but then in the right panel it says the name of the database and then ‘collation’

Mine are distributed among these servers:

Mine is down also. Nothing on the blog or status page either. :frowning:

Nope, not working for me either. I can bring up any part of my site that doesn’t involve a request out to the db. Once I try to bring up a page that talks to the db, it times out. I also can not connect to phpmyadmin or whatever it’s called.


Been happening a lot lately!

I can’t create new databases…it just hangs indefinately. Is the mysql server still down for other people?