mySQL runs AWFUL

for 3 months now

Guys–I’ve been here about 2 years. I have recommended dh to tons and tons of people. Many of whom sign up with promo codes to get the deals DH gives them: i.e. I’m not doing it for the money.

I did it because I LOVE the way DH is environmental & labor concious. I mean, I gave up my car years ago to become a cyclist full-time–I’m a web developer & I only travel by bike & mass transit. (and I don’t live in New York or something). It’s a lifestyle that is important to me, and I really applaud DH for doing what they can for the world.

But, with that in mind, the mySql is just so incredibly slow. Like, 30 seconds slower then other companies that charge even less. I have 6 dollar a month budget hosting that runs better.

this is not on one site
or one application

this is cms made simple
galleries that I downloaded off the web

multiple mySQL programs just FAIL here. They just are too slow.

the support never has an answer besides: let’s move you to another server. we keep doing this over and over.

I think it’s time for me to switch :frowning: I can’t see any other way, and I’m not happy about it, but what else can I do. when my clients are constantly upset about their sites never loading, I have to make a business decision.