MySQL questions

I don’t claim to be an expert on all things MySQL, but I’ll take a crack - maybe Jason or even Jeff will step in and correct me here.

  1. It doesn’t take any (significant amount of) time to propagate, however it does take a little bit to update within our system. There was some talk of allowing multiple databases under one database hostname, but this does limit our flexibility a little. There are some past disccusions on here about this very issue.

  2. This I’m not totally sure, but I think not. You can always try. :>

[quote]* A couple times now I’ve gotten an error like:


A few things are possible here. You might submit a support ticket if you see this a lot - ask them to pass it along to Jason – make sure to include the exact time(s) you’re having the problem. You might be running up against your maximum number of connections (if your site is already taking up a lot of connections, for example).

Is the error consistent / reproducible, or intermittent.

I have a question about users and mySQL at Dreamhost. It seems that each new mySQL database needs a new subdomain and a unique user (a recognized user, not just a name created to use the database). I have a “my crazy domain” account for the art school I teach at (primarily for a research group that needs cgi access, which we do not allow on our internal server). I’d like to be able to test a lot of different CMS scripts for the school but, while I get unlimited mySQL databases, I will quickly run out of unique users (only get 5). Am I understanding this correctly? Is there any way to have one user own a bunch of different databases? I tried, but the set up won’t allow it.

You don’t have to worry about being limited on MySQL users… you can have as many users or databases as you want. The only limits I think that are placed on you is the number of conueries.

Check out the K-base:

I tried to make it work on a couple domains, but I couldn’t get a MySQL user to have more than one database.

It would be nice, but I guess it’s not that big of a deal.

Thanks for the info. Seems like that should be the way it works. Perhaps I’m just not giving the new user name enough time to be recognized before I try to install scripts? I’m now setting up a database a day before trying to use it.