mySQL question :-/

hello there! I recently joined the dreamhost community.

I had sites with powweb but got extremely dissatisfied and have decided to try out dreamhost.

At any rate, besides having a site, I also had a vbulletin forum. I am eager to get it back up, but I am a little confused about the mySQL…

it shows that is active, yet when I click on it to go to the phpmyadmin interface, i get a page cannot be displayed error…

am i doing something wrong here? I should also note that I only changed the DNS pointers 4 hours ago, so would that be the reason that I am not yet able to access the mysql?

I even tried to login via telnet (which is also a little confusing for me) but it says my login info is wrong, tho I am 100% sure it is the right password)

I swear I’m not computer-tarded, but when it comes to things like mySQL I’m a little bit lost. lol :slight_smile:

all help is appreciated!

also, once the mysql is working, how would i go about transferring the .dmp file to the server?

  • Joe

Yes until your DNS resolves you cannot access the database.

Once the dns is correctly pointing to your dreamhost account you can access your database in the goodies section of your control panel simply click on the link which is your database localhost name and it will take you to myadmin where you can upload your files.

Remember if the database is larger than 1mb it will have to be split into chunks and up loaded a bit at a time.