MySQL PS version


I’m a MySQL PS user, and my PS is currently running MySQL v5.0.67. However, I’ve got some very large tables in my database and would like to use table partitions, but under MySQL v5.0.x, I can’t do this (I’d need to be running at least MySQL v5.1).

Shared hosting accounts are already running MySQL v5.1 (according to here: ):
[size=small]"All current database servers are running MySQL 5.1. Some older databases are on MySQL 4, but can be upgraded from the panel."[/size]

It doesn’t sound right that under MySQL PS you have less functionality than under shared hosting (while paying far more money)!!

I Just wondered if anyone else reading this is also using MySQL PS, and what version they were running? Is it just my host server that is still on this old version?


From phpmyadmin on a ps

Server version: 5.1.39-log

Web server

MySQL client version: 5.0.51a

thanks - that’s interesting. The response I had from support was that I had to switch to dedicated hosting and install the newer version of MySQL myself!! (even though 5.1 is already supposed to be standard on DH).

The better option would be to move my PS to a host machine with a newer version of MySQL, and now I know that this exists for other people with MySQL PS, I can’t understand their advice to go to dedicated hosting.

Very frustrating. I am spending good money at DreamHost on MySQL & Web PS, & I could quite easily spend it somewhere else.