Mysql problems.. cant reach domain

I am having problems reaching my domain, both with web browser and by ftp…

This problem have occuret twice… once when I wrote a post in wordpress, and then again when editing my profile in a punbb forum…

It seems that the whole domain freezes over for 1-2 hrs… and after that its fine again. This is really annoying to have this happen every other day…

I am still able to reach exact files, for example a jpg image, but not something requiring database readings…

Any suggestions what to do?

Got the same problem myself.


this looks really bad. If you go to your control panel, seems like all the databases are gone! I logged in manually to my databaeses and its contents are deleted. It’s completely empty!!! OMG!!

Same problem here. I got a report that one of my sites was down with a MySQL error, so went into the panel… only to find that all of the databases have been completely deleted.

Needless to say, I am more than slightly unhappy. This is made even worse by the fact that, once again, Dreamhost isn’t acknowledging any kind of problem in their announcements/alerts.


Yeah i can relate. I had 5 websites hosted under my account, and I have some very unhappy people, one of which had over 6 years of data. The last SQL backup I have is from last month, so he’s out of data for a month if I restore.

I’m hoping that this is a pointer database glitch on their end, and just needs to synch to point back to the REAL locations of our databases. To recreate these databases is going to be a pain.

Especially when the first report of this problem posted here was more than 2 hours ago. It HAS to be affeting all of their domain customers… Report something man, or at least tell us you’re working on it.

After the blackout and their very aggressive growth strategy their support has been lacking, and I’ve been here a long time ago. Support just 3 years ago was like 10X better than it is now. Usually I got feedback about an issue in an hour vs. 24 hours now-a-days…

Update: I finally got acknoledgement.

On Wed, 26 Oct 2005, you wrote:

[quote]I tried to log in my site and noticed that ALL my databases were
gone! What happened?


I don’t have details yet but the admin team assures me that it will be
fixed soon - I apologize for the extra unnecessary stress!


ya, it’s frustrating, but dremahost does keep backups of all this stuff. So at worst case senario, it will be restored to a full hour before you sites went down. DH is normally pretty good about getting things like this restored as soon as they possibly can.