MySQL Problem?

Anyone else having problems with it today?
I tried adding a database and it said:

INTERNAL ERROR CREATING DB: could not find available service: mysql. Please let support know!


I just tested it out for you. I had no problem creating a new DB.

My account is using the server “felix” for MySQL. Is that the same server your’s is on?

Im not sure what server I am on. How do I even tell?

I have the same problem. Already send 2 requests asking for support for my new site (one of them already more than 24 hours), but no reply so far.

I really don’t like it …

I don’t know if I wanted to hear that you have problems also or if I didn’t want to hear that…

also, let me know what they say when they respond to you.

thanks again.

what servers are you both on? you can check by going to your web admin panel, under the domains tab, select manage, that tells you the server.

I’ve just managed to create a new database. It seems that the problem (somewhere) is fixed.

My server is bam.

i am on bam too and it is letting me create a database now also. cool. thanks.