Mysql problem

I have just uploaded to my web page the newest version of invisionboard. I am a complete noob when it comes to web creating and therefore I have no clue on how to proceed when I get an error. Well anyway, after uploading all the necessary files, for invision board to work, I log onto my site, and click on the forums folder I created and I keep on getting an error regarding mysql. here is the link so that you guys can view it for yourselves:
I sent an e-mail to dreamhost for help, and all they said was that I should not be using a local host, but I do not know how I can check if I am using a local host, and how to change that??? Can somebody please help me?? thank you!! =)

Without seeing the code, I am guessing that in your configuration, you failed to change /localhost/ to your url or absolute path. Some parts of the configurationwill probably ask you for the absolute path; others the url. Change them accordingly. Root is usually home/username/domain ; URL is

Remember that in the root, it goes like this: home/zentao/ with no www. , then after that, list the rest of the absolute path, no trailing forward slash.

Hope that helps. I’m only guessing here because I don’t know the application, and can’t see the config files, doc notes, and error log.

Maybe someone with more knowledge about this will post soon, too. :wink:

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hmmm, maybe that is the problem, I will try it out and see what happens. Thanks for offering your help!!

Actually ardco, I did not create anything in the DH server… how do I do that??? I can’t believe I don’t know that lol. Thanks for helping me

Ok so once the site is activated, should it work or should I do something else as well??

I still get the same error message, and I did what you told me to do… I am really stumped. I have no clue how come it does not work =((

do you have aim by any chance? cause taht way we could talk faster and in a more efficient way. My AIM is samusarantroid. If you have msn messenger is Well i did step one and I can not access the install stuff.I always get the mysql problem. And what do you mean when you write “http://whatever…”

What does the whatever represent. I just type: and then I click on forums and that is when I get my problem… Am I still dong something wrong??

Well I finally made it!!! I made it to the install page, and I have one more question, it is asking me for teh following:
database name
and password

ok So I wanted to know if this would be right if I wrote:

host: localhost
database name: the name i created before
Username: the username I created earlier
Password: the password I had earlier

Oh so I need to create a subdomain name??? Cause i didn’t do that!!! Thanks for everything man… what woudl I have done with out you!! =) But just one more questiona bout the subdomain name, you wouldn’t happen to have one of your magical links by any chance???

You should have to create a “MySQL hostname” in the process of adding the database itself. An example would be “” (where is your domain name).

I succeede finally, =) and I would like to thank everybody who helped me. Any suggestions for a good web portal system?