MySQL & phpBB Version Incompatibility



Hey All,

Since it’s a DB for a phpBB I’m posting it here, though I suppose it may belong elsewhere.

The host I’m coming from used MySQL version 3.23.58. I need to import a DB from there to my Dreamhost account, but phpMyAdmin is giving me errors because apparently the syntax has changed since version 3.

How should I go about converting the old database from 3.23.58 to DH’s 5.0.18? Any suggestions? Thanks,



Well phpbb is now on his 2.0.20 release… and have no trouble with mysql 5… maybe, its worth to upload your db via ssh, do a import mysql db < yourdb, install latest php and go to update_to_latest, these update the tables to the latest mysql, add, remove, and generally go all good, anyway, backup your db first ;D



How did you export you DB? Using phpBB or mysqlexport?

What I’d suggest is to try different export options. There will be one that works. I’m actually a bit surprised that something is failing from 3.23 to 5.x. It’s normally the other way around that dies.


I have just completed two transfers of phpbb from 2 old domains into DreamHost today and I used phpmyadmin both ends. I think they were mysql 4 though.

What error are you getting?

Have you had a look through the phpbb forum?