mySQL/phpAdmin collation field

I’ll try my questions in this beginners forum.
RTFMs appreciated.

Just created a mySQL table. By default, the collation field is set to latin1_swedish_ci.

I am in the US, the field contents will be “normal ascii”, case insensitive.

What is my “best” value for setting the collation field? ascii_general_ci? utf_unicode_ci?

Where can I find out more about this field/setting, and what it is for?


First, I’m not a expert. I don’t feel confident to give suggestions. :wink:

Usually I leave it as default. But when I need to handle other languages like chinese, japanese, I set it to UTF.

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that is the default, no need to change it. and the obligatory manual:

shall we say that is default for western characters?

and we should change it for Asian Characters?

Actually I used default latin1 for Asian characters before. Although you see funny characters in database, it does not affect the display in html page.

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Thanks for the RTFM.

I have learned:

  • The default is Swedish because the company is in Sweden (doh)
  • The default will generally not be a problem if there are no special characters
  • If there are no special characters, the simplest collation is ascii_general_ci

Again, thanks for the replies.