Mysql php

Hello all,
I’m working on a “low traffic” reservations site for a local tourist attraction. Making a reservation, users are walked through a 5 page process. Mysql connections on each page are never a problem. Query results are always consistantly returned for the first 3 pages. Then on page 4 and 5, similar queries, copied and pasted from the other pages, only occasionally return results. Then moments later, sometimes a refresh will return correct query results. Then There are several minutes at a time where all five pages flawlessly return complete query resquests.
I’m totally baffeled after endless hours of troubleshooting. The last thing i’ve done is add a mysql_close() request thinking there may be connection conflicts.

first page is:

any hints, tips …?
Thanks !!!

addt’l info … priviledges are correct for “webvisitor”… only update and select are performed on last 2 pages.