I’m new to MySQL.

Am I correct to assume that I must use a CGI program (I can’t access Dream Host MySQL directly from HTML or JavaScript running in a browser)?

What are the pros and cons of using PHP, PERL, and C++ to interface to MySQL hosted by DH? The availablity of free software modules, examples, and tutorials are very important to me. I’m a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel

My software background is in C but I’ve looked at PHP and PERL and don’t mind learning. I’m new to CGI and the web but picked up HTML and JavaScipt failry quickly and have developed a few sites already.

I appreciate any and all feedback,



Short answer: Yes you are.

Long answer: the MySQL server does not speak HTTP. You need a database driver that knows how to speak to MySQL server when writing a program or script.

Well Perl does MySQL using the DBI module and of course PHP does MySQL too. I think the only difference is that if you run PHP as Apache-PHP and not CGI, you can do persistent connections. (AFAIK mod_perl is required for persistent connections in Perl). C++ is probably like Perl except of course you’re running a binary and not a script.

Again Perl comes with DBI which is a database driver interface and its a snap to install the mysql driver module and start writing MySQL scripts. PHP has its own library, too. Both programming languages have on-line documentation - and - not to mention where you find the MySQL documentation. You could even install Apache, MySQL and Perl or PHP on your own machine and develop CGI locally if you wanted to.

And of coruse theres dozens of tutorials and aritcles (Google is your friend)

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS