Mysql performance


I am running several CMS sites and noticing consistently poor database performance. This translates to excessively long page load times.

Are there faster servers? I’m on koko:gladdin and ape:kaase.

With their PS accounts, is it only the webserver i.e. do we still share database servers?

I have no problems with webserver performance, just DB.



DreamHost PS just gives you a private web server, not a private database server. However, there’s a separate DreamHost PS MySQL service that you can get separately – and, in our experience, a PS MySQL will actually do more for performance on your type of site than a DreamHost PS.


I have exactly the same problem with poor db performance on for several sites using a CMS. Is the only option getting a private server? It takes several attempts just to login the response is so slow, I just get error messages.