MySQL panel doesn't work

Is anyone else having trouble accessing the MySQL admin panel (not the PHPMyAdmin, the control panel in the Dreamhost system)? I’ve been trying to get to mine for about a month now, and it isn’t coming up. I get the top DreamHost banner, and the side navigation, but a completely blank area where the database controls should be. I can’t add new databases, modify existing ones, or work with users.

I don’t think this is my browser or connection, as I’ve tried logging on with several different browsers (IE on both platforms and Safari) over different connections (dial-in and cable) from different locations (CT and NY). I’ve emailed Dreamhost support several times about this, and they don’t know why I’m getting this. They say it works on their end.

Any ideas? I’d really appreciate any help here - I have no idea what to do.


  • Chris

works fine for me… well it is a bit slow… but it’s always been slow.

Slowness I’m used to. It would be kind of nice if it worked, though :frowning: