MySQL outages

I’ve been experiencing numerous MySQL outages which is taking down my WordPress sites. Timple is the server for MySQL. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

I’m sorry to hear that!
We have been experiencing some issues with Timple. How long have you been having these outages and how frequent have they been?
I recommend submitting a ticket to our Support Team here:
And one of techs will investigate the issue!


Thanks for your fast response. I have submitted numerous tickets since November 10. Ticket #5429267 5430042 5456027 5456055 5456139 5456436 5457083 5463932 5470253 5471342

I have gotten very generic responses like:
"…they now seem to be loading well. If you are still
having trouble loading any of your other websites let us know and we will
look into this issue further for you."

“I checked out a few of your websites and they loaded immediately…”

“I am not seeing any issues with either server at the time. Your website
is loading just fine, even though the link above says its down.”

I would love to get an actual fix to the problem. One rep (ticket #65522366) actually did a good job at looking at the server and noted that “I would be happy to move you to another
MySQL or Apache service once we determine what is at fault for these
issues.” I have yet to hear what the fault of these downtime problems may be. That ticket was from Nov 26, 2012 - 16:35:28. How many more outages should I endure til the fault is found?

Another outage at 10:45 AM PST. Here’s the new ticket 5471891.

I apologize for the frustration.
I see one of our techs is thoroughly investigating the issue with your server.
You should be getting a response from us soon!
Thank you so much for your patience regarding this issue!

Thank you. Do you know when I should expect a response?

Unfortunately, I don’t have an eta for you at the moment,
but our tech is currently investigating your ticket and will respond once he gets more information regarding the issues.

I did get a response. My MySQL databases were moved to a new server. Hopefully this addresses the issue.

Regarding the general technical support practice here, I’m a bit concerned with DreamHost’s inability to recognize reoccuring problems even when they are noted in the support ticket that it is happening again and again. Is there any way to escalate a ticket or should I just post in the forum in the future?

I also submitted a bunch of separate tickets regarding different issues. Some of them were closed with no response to the question asked: