MYSQL on Meow server down again!?!

Once again, cannot connect to MYSQL on meow. 4th time it’s been down in the last 3 weeks… easily. One time caused data corruption.

Site down over 2 hours now.

Says they are actively working on the issue, but there is obviously a problem with this machine.



Hah… not funny. I think it needs some hairball remedy for sure… l

I just don’t see how this can happen week after week (And sometimes day after day)

I noticed it as well. The least you think they would do is move the MYSQL to a different server since this one is obvoiusly dying. I’ve noted 4 different times in the last three weeks as well.

hehe, sorry. Couldn’t resist. lol

Yea, something’s definatly wrong. What? no clue. It’s hard to say. Maybe somebody’s abusing the database, maybe they are upgrading (upgraded) something and something is breaking.

What did they say within the support tickets you sent in?