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How can I get Filemaker to see a mysql data source? I created the database on my (shared) server here at DH.

Question #1 is, my odbc connection software wants me to enter the ip address of the database. I can’t find this info anywhere!



Hi mate

Connect to Your MySQL Database from Third-Party Programs

To connect to your MySQL Database remotely, using a third-party program like MySQL Administrator, you must first grant your local machine rights to connect to the database server. This must be done for all MySQL user accounts you plan on logging in with from your local machine.

  • Login to your Dreamhost Control Panel
  • Select the Manage MySQL link under the Goodies section.
  • Under the Database(s) on this server section, find the desired database and click the username you wish to grant access to.
  • Under the section titled Allowable Hosts, type in the domain or subdomain your local machine identifies itself as on the public internet. Follow the formatting conventions described on the web page. You will need either your public IP address or your public originating domain/subdomain (like,,, etc).

To find your public IP address, go to What is My IP? (your IP is also displayed just below in the hosts input box after ‘Your current computer is:’. Just cut and paste below the default). Note that enabling does not enable the hostname by itself.

  • Click the Modify [username] now! button.
  • Launch your third-party program, enter database and login information, and connect.

U can see more info at

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Thanks, I have done all that in the dreamhost control panel.

However, my odbc software is the Actual ODBC driver for open source databases, and during the setup for an odbc source, it requires me to enter the ip address of the database, not my own ip address.

I tried entering the dreamhost hostname, eg, “” but that didn’t work.

I’m doing all this on Mac OS 10.5.5 and Filemaker Pro Advanced 9.0.3.

Any other ideas on how to get the dreamhost ip address, if some other string would satisfy it?



From a shell account, you can log in and type:

and it will give you the IP address. Remember that this address can change at some point in the future, so if your software stops connecting, check back on the IP address.


Hey, that worked!

Many many thanks!