Mysql not responding and server super slow

My site has been super slow the last hour and half (at least).
From time to time i am able to see a page but very rarely because it basically times out all the time.
It also reacher too many connections to mysql as the requests take forever.

I am writing this message in order to notify you guys as this downtime is really coming with bad timing for me.

My site is hosted at kitkat


Well… welcome to the club. I have the same problem. From one second to another it switches from normal speed (which is really good) to super slow (or even not working at all).

Altought such problems can occur every time, its not a professional way to let the problem unsolved for hours. Its really bad, if you have some development and bugfixing tasks on your schedule and you are limited by you hoster…

FYI: I noticed the first problems round about 3-4 hours ago.

Just FYI, this is a customer to customer forum. You should open a support request (in the panel) to report a problem directly to Dreamhost tech support.

Posting here did get you one good piece of information. You now know that it is not just your site, so taking the step of reporting it “officially” is a good idea.


it’s been several days like this for me (sites are on wilmington, DBs on snagglepuss)

it’ll run a specific php page (static queries) a few times under .1 seconds, then go 1 minute, then 30 secs, then 5 seconds, back to .1 second, 2 minutes… very frustrating.

I am a frequent visitor of a site that uses dreamhost, and I must say that recently, I have stopped visiting the forums altogether. There’s literally 60-minute periods with 0 posts because the servers are impossibly slow, usually leading to a 500 Internal Server Error.

If anybody does contact dreamhost, can you please give us the status? This is getting ridiculous.

What’s the url for that site/forum?

Note that I am just a visitor

That was way fast for me. Entire site loaded in about two seconds.


I had the same experience at Scott - the site was as fast as any phpbb I have visited, and faster than a great many. Maybe there was another reason there were no posts for that hour you were talking about, of maybe it was a temporary problem? :wink:


It is not always slow, only at certain times (and this is when nobody can post).
Right now it’s doing fine, but the slowness happens more and more often now.

I understand… I suggest that next time it is running poorly, the account holder submit a support ticket immediately, so that DH staff can investigate what is happening with that server while it is having problems. :wink:


My site is also super slow and has been that way for days.

When I try to contact support with the “contact support” form the message never gets sent. I just look at the spinning icon that says that it is “submitting your ticket”.

I tired for 8 hours straigth last night and again today.

Is there anyway to notify support that I cannot contact them via their form becuase the form is not working?

If the panel is down, you can use:


I am also getting really slow website performance, takes 17 secs to load my forum and 5 secs to load a basic webpage.

I’m seeing the same thing on “Spacey”. Contacted DH support, they suggested that it was my ISP. I have tried on 3 different ISP’s, and let them know. They asked me if I had tried an overseas ISP. WTF?

I’m in the spacey cluster and am fine. Maybe it’s just specific servers in the cluster?

Or it could be ISP related. What does tracert say?

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My tracert looks good, I’ve tried 3 different ISP from 3 cities, speed has improved, but no transfer rates above 50kb

Well I’ll chime in that I’ve been having the same problem as the original poster and have been having it for several weeks now. I’ve opened several tickets and have communicated numerous times with Support.

First, they identified a saturated link to my database server which was supposedly fixed. My site worked great for a few days, then the sluggishness returned. After some back and forth, they decided to move me to a new server, but that didn’t fix the problem. After some more back and forth, they recently (in the last couple of days) identified the problem as the network file server. That was supposedly fixed and my site worked well for a while today, but now has seemingly gone back to being slow again. Throughout all of this, I’ve also had sporadic email problems.

As you can imagine, I’m pretty exasperated by now, particularly since the problem is so erratic - sometimes my site works OK, other times it’s slow, other times it’s so slow as to the point of being unusable.