Mysql - Navicat

im trying to connect mysql to a third party programs called navicat. But when i try it keep sending me this message:

Host ‘’ is not allowerd to connect to this mysql server

so i would like to pass by SSH. th thing is i dont understand what is my dreamhost name. in the wiki it keep saying:

Enter your shell account address in the Host Name field (e.g.

but what could be my sheel account? is it my domain name like or is it somthing like



Yay! No how about being useful and telling us how! !

But seriously, the real answer to this was:

[] If you want to connect remotely to MySQL, go to the MySQL section of the DreamHost Panel, click on your MySQL username there, and edit the user to allow access from your IP.
] You can use any domain name on your account to SSH to your DreamHost web server.