Mysql max users?


How many simultaneous users does dreamhost support for mysql databases?


Are you talking about actual DB users who can log into the actual database, or users on your site?

Websites don’t necessarily leave a connection to the database open the entire time a user is on the site, but it’s more a matter of how many connections and/or queries the database can handle. I haven’t heard of an issue of someone’s database refusing access due too many concurrent connections.

Why do you ask?



Well, from what I’ve read, mysql differentiates between the number of users and the number of queries those users are executing at the same time. I couldn’t find any exact figures, but I did find that it basically boils down to how the db was set up and what hardware it is running on. Thus, I became curious about the particular setup here at dreamhost where I am a customer.

I teach at a school where I am interested in using a mysql database for a project. I’m currently in the research phase, trying to determine how realistic it might be, but I am essentially looking at 300 students who will log in and perform queries at the same time.

Aside from my particular needs, I became curious about the power of mysql from a purely geeky standpoint. I’m far from knowledgeable in this subject, but very interested nonetheless.

Thank you to any replies.


Before the flood of “omg which box are you on?” begins… :wink:

In a project environment it might be best if you setup a Windows box on your school network and run XAMPP Lite on it. After creating (or copying) your project site & database to the (now local) webserver you can connect to your ‘private Internet’ by typing in the local IP of the box in any browser on the local network.

eg. http://10.x.x.x/projectsite/index.php

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Actually, the class spans seven different districts, and the project itself is taught via the web with the instructor in a different state. Thus it must be run via the ‘non-private Internet’, a.k.a. my dreamhost account.

I’m taking it there is no simple answer to my question?

Thanks anyway to all replies.