Mysql max_allowed_packet

Hello -

I’m working on a web app that will be hosted on dreamhost. It has to allow big-ish (at least 3-4mb regularly, sometimes over 10 or more) files to be uploaded into a mysql database. I’m using PHP as the scripting language, and have already discovered that I can compile my own PHP to get around the max_upload_filesize, but I’m more worried about mysql - I don’t think I’ll have the opportunity to change this.

I dropped in some PHP code below that you can run to check the current value. Does anyone know anything about a way to change this? Or do they have it set sufficiently large?


–code below–

<?php mysql_connect("your_db_address","your_db_username","your_db_password"); mysql_select_db("@@local"); $result = mysql_query("SELECT @@local.max_allowed_packet AS max_allowed_packet;"); $row = mysql_fetch_row($result); echo "max_allowed_packet=" . $row[0] . "\n"; ?>