MySQL log-in

Hey all,

So my DB is finally up but now I can’t log-in. I enter the user name and pswd that I created for the sql DB. I also tried the name and pswd of my Dreamhost account. What am I doing wrong? do I need to wait more? has this happened to anyone?


user name and pass word are Case-SenSitive are you sure you are typing it correctly? And yes, it would be the userName/pass that you created for the database not for your DH account.

You can create / re-make your user-name pass if you want, and you should see thoes changes take effect rather quickly.


Thanks matttail,

It was a case matter. I created my user name with some uppercase letter and apparently, DH for some reason changed it to all lowercase. I kept trying with the uppercase, cuz that’s what I know I created.

I’m in. yoohoo