MySQL Limit

I just came by this site and one of the review said :

Is that true ?

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Are you sure they’re not just talking about the limits to the size of a single addressable table in MySQL?

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If you’ve got 4G in a single table (or maybe even a single DB) you probably need to rethink storing DVDs in mysql.

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I don’t know… only to make sure there is a limitation on that. :slight_smile:

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I’m quite positive that would be a MySQL limit, not a DreamHost one. Feel free to examine the results of this google search to see what I’m refering to :wink:

EDIT: Bah Dreamhost’s forums suck. Can’t friggin link to a proper google search.
Just type in google: mysql database size limit and it has the same affect :slight_smile:

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One thing’s for sure… if you subtract a $97 promo code from a $97 referral fee, then there are about 500 affiliate links on that same page that will pay the site owner a lot more money than if someone joined DH. But that might just stand out to me because I don’t trust host rating sites. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t worry about it. You’ve seen people on this forum complain that they were booted for illegal activity. How many have you seen complain that they ran out of DB space?

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The Google search shows that it’s a table limit. However, the 4GB limit seems to be a Linux Issue, and only for kernels not running ext3 filesystems. I don’t know if DreamHost has Debian configured for ext3. I’d guess “yes,” unless there’s something they really don’t like about it.

With ext3, the table size limit jumps to 4TB, according to the MySQL reference manual.