MySQL issue with 'on clause'

I recently moved my site on and after setting up everything I get this error on my forum:

[code]SELECT m.mgroup_others,,, m.msg_total, m.view_pop, m.email_pm, m.language,, me.vdirs, g.g_max_messages, g.g_use_pm FROM boardboard_members m, board_groups g
LEFT JOIN board_member_extra me ON (
WHERE LOWER( IN (‘username’)
AND m.mgroup=g.g_id

mySQL error: Unknown column ‘’ in ‘on clause’
[/code]All mentioned tables exist in the database and all the requested columns (id, name, …) are set and not empty.

All hell can’t stop us now…

I’m pretty sure you will need to wrap the table names listed in the FROM clause in parentheses. This is because the join syntax was updated in more recent versions of MySQL 5.0.

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Thanks a lot. This was the problem. I think I have to upgrade the forum to a newer version.

All hell can’t stop us now…