MySQL is locked

OK, I’m going to use the forum now as it’s been about 24 hours with no tech support response.

I set up a new domain, and logging into mysql phpAdmin panel of that domain I see this:
Create new database: No Privileges (in red)

Also I tried setting up SMF but it reports it’s not able to access the database. My SMF and WordPress installs are just sitting there waiting for someone to fix the database.

What’s going on? This has never happened before with any other domains I’ve set up databases for. It’s been like this for 24 hours.

I’m a little confused. If you’re able to log into phpmyadmin, the database should be working. When you set up a new database through the panel, it creates the hostname and one database there. You’re not allowed to create multiple databases on the host name - just one database per

Have you provided wordpress with the hostname, database name, user name and password for the database? Does that work, or do you get an error from wordpress?


You cannot do that. Only one database per domain name (although you can always use subdomains to get around this limitation). Since there isn’t any practical limit to the number of tables you can have, there aren’t too many reasons to have more than one database in any case.

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OK… I feel stupid… the SMF setup was asking me for the forum name and I was leaving it as “smf” (the default). I happened to page over to phpMyAdmin and saw that red warning and thought something was wrong. Everything works fine.

Also the Dreamhost tech support people sent me a response very shortly after my top post.