MySQL is inaccessible during same time period every day

I have a XenForo powered forum running on my VPS. I get reasonable traffic and my VPS manages just fine at 1500-2000MB RAM. It has been working great until now.

Since the last couple of days. My forum starts showing MySQL related errors during the same time (between 3pm-3.30pm IST) every day. I checked my Cron jobs and I do not think I have anything scheduled around this time to cause the overload.

I filed a complaint through the official route only to be given the usual excuse. Scripts on my domain must be causing the overload. This is despite the fact that I mentioned that the time period I am getting the errors is not a heavy traffic situation on my board. In fact, I get no such issues during the evening time when there is most activity on the forum.

I do not even get any such issue when I run a SQL Dump at 2am in the morning and upload the database backup to Amazon S3.

I have discussed this issue on XenForo community and everything points to the MySQL Server being responsible. I can only assume that another user with access to the same server is running some heavy jobs that overloads it for 15-20 minutes.

When I mentioned this to support, I was asked to check for Traceroute during the downtime. I should mention again… If my connectivity was bad, I would not be seeing MySQL error on the domain.

I do not want to double my hosting costs by paying for a MySQL VPS which I clearly do not require just to avoid this 15-20 minutes of headaches every day.

Can someone suggest what options do I have? Should I start looking for another host already? I really like how I can access all my domains from the same FTP account here on DH and I do not want to go back to cPanel based hosting services!


PS: I also turned on CloudFlare last night. No effect. I also disabled a bunch of addons on XenForo that were not essential. No effect. For obvious reasons.


Here are screenshots from XenForo backend showcasing the error:

As you can see. All the errors are restricted between the twenty minute period. It’s 9:45pm right now. No error since 3:31pm. Everything is great since that time.

If no one from dreamhost (green names) replies here with a better suggestion, then I would nicely ask support if you can try moving to a different mysql server. Since it worked previously and suddenly changed behavior without a change made on your part, you may be on to something that someone else is abusing the server at that time of day.

Also double check here in the panel and make sure that your web server and mysql server are physically located in the same datacenter, likely they are but it can’t hurt to check. For some reason dreamhost doesn’t automatically and progmatically figure that out when servers end up getting assigned in different datacenters.

They have suggested that I turn on Live Chat during the problem time period so that a support guy can check the server while the server is having issues. Fair point.
Let’s hope I can get connected to the guy on Live Chat just in time for the problem to start! Cheers.

Did you manage to work things out?

Dreamhost maintained that there was no issue on their shared MySQL servers during that window when my site was facing issues. I asked if I can get access to a server running a newer version of MySQL hoping that it would solve some obscure bug. They were not able to provide it to me as this option is available in their other datacentre hosting shared accounts. VPS datacentre is still stuck on a pretty old version of MySQL. So moving to a MySQL VPS would also not have helped as it was also stuck on the older MySQL version.

The support however suggested something that worked out for me. They advised that I can take a DreamCompute instance and install the newer version of MySQL on it. That’s what I did (with help of a friend who is a terminal geek). He installed Ubuntu on it with a recent stable edition of MySQL. We migrated the database to this instance. And it has worked pretty well for me.

Pro: No more SQL related errors during that period of time (or otherwise).
Con: I am paying USD 10 more per month for hosting. And I am responsible for managing the DreamCompute instance. Backup and uptime and everything. Kind of annoying but it works!

Thanks for the update!
DreamCompute sounds interesting from what I read and it might as well work for us.