MySQL Host

What is Dreamhost’s “MySQL Host”? I’m trying to install Coppermine photo album and having trouble finding configuration for MYSQL settings. (Coppermine defaults MySQL Host as ‘localhost’)


Your MySQL configuration
This section requires information on how to access your MySQL database. If you don’t know how to fill them, check with your webhost support.
MySQL Host
MySQL Database Name
MySQL Username
MySQL Password
MySQL table prefix
(default value is OK; do not use dots!)

When you go to your control panel Goodies tab to create the MySQL database, you will have the opportunity to specify exactly what those values will be at the time you create the empty database to be used by Coppermine. Coppermine (or any MySQL-based script) won’t install until AFTER you create the database and wait for the hostname to propagate.

After I create a database I click on its name in the goodies tab until I can connect to it with phpMyAdmin - using the database username and password I chose when I created it. Once I can connect to the empty database, I proceed with my script installation. The delay between the time I create a new database and I can connect to it has ranged from about 15 minutes to two days. I’d say about 2-4 hours has been typical for me lately.

Thanks. I figured it out but I guess I was a little impatient and hit the forums before waiting 2 hours to set up. Thanks again.