MySQL - Host Name

below are a lot of words that you probably don’t care about so here are the cliff notes - Where do I find my host name for my wp-config.php file?

So I’ve been pretty incapable of searching this information (mostly because I am terrible at using search functions, you would think that after 10 years of doing something regularly . . . [my wife grumbles this to me all the time])

anyway - I’m trying to manually install wordpress - not because I want to be macho about it and do it myself, but because I need to fiddle with something that no longer works on 2.9 (so I’m installing 2.8)

ANY way - i’m absolutely clueless, but I’m pretty sure I’ve found almost all the information I need to make my wp-config.php file, but I’m incapable of figuring out what to do about the host name

Local host seems to be an option, but from what I’ve read that doesn’t work on Dreamhost (or it used to not? dates are confusing)

anyway - I put this in the beginner section for obvious reasons.


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[color=#00CC00]Panel > Goodies > MySQL Databases[/color]

Use any Hostname in the list (create one if you don’t have any yet).


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