MySQL Host Name doubts?

Hi, I am not new to hosting but when I switched to dreamhost I am confused with the term “mysql host name”.

Do I have to create a separate subdomain through my domain control panel ( i use godaddy) and set its DNS records to dreamhost’s. And use this subdomain as a mysql subdomain?. Do I have to do it for every domain I add in my dreamhost panel?. Or is this “mysql subdomain” is just a virtual name assigned by dh panel.

I had to cancel my account as I could not setup my rails application to use mysql db. Any help would make me a customer again.


when you create a mysql database you must have a host name to access it with. you do not need to create multiple host names if you do not want to as they are interchangeable. some people just find it preferable to have a host name for for database ‘A’ that is used by be and for database ‘B’ being used by to be It is all about appearances really since both database ‘A’ and ‘B’ can both be accessed by going to or

You need not change any of the dns settings for the subdomain. You can either use an existing hostname (that you created when you were creating one database) or make up a new one with the domain of your choosing – when you create another database (that is already being pointed to DH servers).
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hi thanks

Just to make it clear for myself, I am summarizing my understanding. Please confirm.

  1. Let us say i have domains,, I will be using only and for hosting. will be used for creating subdomain for mysql.
  2. So, I will create a subdomain in my domain registrar control panel and provide the DNS of dreamhost.
  3. In my dreamhost web panel, i can use as my mysql domain for all my mysql applications of and, each having different databases.

is this correct?

If you like, sure. The only requirement for a MySQL host name is that it must be under a domain which you own, and which is pointed at DreamHost’s name servers. It can even be a subdomain if you like.