MYSQL Help Please


Hi All,

Just setting up a new DB for my domain name. I currently have one database setup and it uses the host of

So when i went to setup a new database on my domain through the panel, i was asked for the database name, hostname, new user/password to create it.

What i am wanting to do is just create a new database with a new username/password to access it. Am i able to use the current as a hostname or do i need a new hostname for this new database?

If i can use the current hostname ( how can i create the database without a new hostname for it? it says i can’t re-use the as its already in use. So i am not able to create the new database.

Any help would be muchly appreciated.



Existing hostnames can be used.

Theres a section above new hostname that says use hostname, just set that to the existing hostname and you’ll have no problem


Hi There,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I don’t have the option to select an existing hostname. It seems that i can only add a new one. Please see the below pic.


Any other suggestions?



I do however have this notice at the top saying:
Merge all databases and hostnames on zero:roxanna to swordfish:quilliams

Maybe i need to merge all databases to the same server, to enable the option to use the same hostname? would this make sense?



That very well may be the case. Here’s what the standard setup looks like:

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Cheers, thanks for that.

I have confirmed that i need to merge all databases to the one server before i can use the same hostname for multiple databases.

Thanks for your help.