MySQL has died



My site won’t connect to the database. There is obviously a problem at Dreamhost’s end, since I can’t log in to the database with phpmyadmin either.

So I send off my request to check the server. But no server-wide problem is found. I get an email telling me to fill out a general form so they can look at the specific problem, even though the form says not to use the form if your site is down.

Now I am in a queue of 824 requests for help, my site has been down for a couple of hours, and I have people emailing me about it. It’s a sick feeling in the stomach when there is nothing you can do. I have been trying to build an online community for the last couple of weeks, and people are not going to be bothered with reliability issues like this. People who have just started coming, can’t get on.

I’d much prefer better reliability than bonus webspace added to my account each week.



hmm it just came back and then died again


Does anyone else get emails, which clearly explain what the problem was, tell you it is all fixed now, and receive kind apologies that it ever happened, and then go to your website, and it is still down? :slight_smile: It’s sort of funny in a way.


Nope, worked for a little while, now back to the error.

I do worry about the machines. They are not reliable.


I also am having problems as well.


Same here, been down all evening, and according to them there is nothing wrong; yet I still can’t login…

Tried through phpmyadmin and commandline, neither work.

Really annoying, this is just my second week here and already I’ve had more downtime than I ever had on my previous hoster :frowning:


My database has been down 85% of the last 8 hours or so. I was lucky to get a complete backup during a uptime.

Any word on what the problem is on DH’s end or what the fix is?


I was only told this, which obviously isn’t 100% accurate:

“Your mysql server machine (putney) had a strange issue where clients from your hosting machine (euclid) couldn’t connect. Everything is back up and running again, we apologize for the outage, and by all means, let us know if you see this happen again! We’ll try to keep our eye on it!”

I’d be interested if your db is on the same server as mine. My site has been up and down, but mostly down.


I am hosted on the same boxes and as of 1 minute ago things are still down. My VBulletin reports MySQL connection errors, and they are still flowing in…

So, unless they know something I don’t, then the problem is most certainly NOT resolved :frowning:


FWIW, 30 seconds ago:

[euclid]$ mysql -h mysql.XXXXXXXX.XXX -u XXXXXX -p
Enter password:
ERROR 2013 (HY000): Lost connection to MySQL server during query


My database on the euclid machine is not working. I have another account whose databases are on a different machine and are working.

It is a problem with the eculid machine. I hope they get it fixed soon…(not holding my breath).


Have you guys put in a ticket? Or just me? Probably the more people who notify, the more will be done. Of course I don’t know that for sure.