Mysql has crashed killing wordpress

I can’t connect to phpmyadmin and both my wordpress sites can’t connect to the database. Crappy error for users “cannot connect to the database.” reported site down 20 minutes ago and no response. Crap.

After 1.5 HOURS my sites came back up, at 6:47am this morning I received an email saying “It looks like our admins were working on the MySQL service on the MySQL server “Tres,” during the time you were experiencing these issues. I checked the service and it is up and running properly again. If there is anything else you need help with, please let me know! Thanks! Have a great day!”

Let me rephase this for how i read it “Our clueless admins were helping another customer and inadvertantly corrupted mysql on your server. It took us 90 minutes, and lots of OMG I’M DOWN!!! emails from users on your server before we realized we are dumbasses and restored your service. Have a great day”


A couple of years ago your rephrased version would have been the reply you got - and you would have felt better for it; knowing they understood someone screwed up on their end, are prepared to admit it, and that the tech involved had learned to approach MySQL tasks differently in future.