Mysql (Garga) down?

I didn’t receive an email letting me know of planned downtime, nor do I see anything in the annoucments about it. I sent in my support email… only 194 people ahead of me. This comes at a really bad time for me.

Did anyone else receive an email letting them know Garga was going to be down?

Yes. I did recieve several about the data center move last night from 10pm to 3am.

I just tried to create a new mysql db and got
"connect_admin failed for johnny5:aleixandre"
so I suspect they are still in the midst of the move.

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Well, they sent out an announcement this morning and emailed me back a more detailed explanation.

We apologize for the database downtime tonight. Your database servers
were inadvertantly shut down tonight during our datacenter migration.

Really ? I just tried to create a new DB again and, again I got
"connect_admin failed for johnny5:aleixandre" . . .

Sent an email to support but no one has responded.

Hello dreamhost !

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Similar problem last night for me.

connect_admin failed for garga:carey

I’ve tried a setting up new db in a couple other accounts to no avail. I received a message yesterday at 5:27 AM regarding a datacenter migration, but it only mentioned stats being one day late, nothing about mysql servers.

I’ve submitted a support ticket (#591256) that’s moved maybe 10 spots in 17 hours. I’m guessing they’re busy fixing things.

garga is back up for me, has been since around 3am

Cool that it’s back up for you. Still nothing for me. I just tried again. Oh well.

Are you still getting that same error? That database instance seems to be up and working properly.

– Will (still a bit frazzled from the move last night)

I am still getting:

“connect_admin failed for johnny5:aleixandre”

when trying to create a new mysql db.
I wrote support about 8:30 this morning.
What do I have to do to get this fixed so I can work on a new cart? Being ignored all day is getting really old.
I would ask for a call back, but whats the point if no one bothers to answer by email.

Data center move aside this is un-acceptable.

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Same problem here:

connect_admin failed for garga:carey

10:11 PM EST

Will, I just tried again and I’m still getting this error.

connect_admin failed for garga:carey

–David (still bummed that I can’t setup a db, but no worries, I sure it’ll be ok soon)

Yeah. It’s only been down over 12 hours now. No problem.
Unless you need the database for your shopping cart.
In which case you are pretty much screwed.

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The databases themselves haven’t been down. It does look like our back end machines may be having a problem making the connection to setup new databases (which is annoying, but probably unrelated to the other problem).

Jerry, Yeah, I agree re: 12 hours and needing to do work. There’s a lot of work that I needed to do this weekend that I haven’t been able to do. I’ve just kinda begrudgingly accepted the fact that until I have my own server, with my own connection, and my own hosting issues to deal with, that I have to deal with this.

That said, once support gets to me they do a good job, when they get to me. I do wish they had better response time (more staff). I have sites setup at a windows host for that charge roughly the same amount for one site and I can call tech support 24/7. I may be on hold for thirty minutes, but it’s on their dime and I don’t have to wait 24+ hours for a response. They also have 24/7 tech support chat.

Other than that I really like DH.


[quote]databases themselves haven’t been down


Paint it anyway you want, but,
if you can’t connect, I call that down!

The lack of response from “support” is the worst part.
If I ignored my customers, like DH support does, guess how many I would have?

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Dreamhost has a lot of great features.
But they are worth nothing if they can’t be relied on.

  • Last week all my domains went Error 404 (4 hours) for God-only-knows what reason. No one from support would tell me.

  • This week, no email for 12 hours straight.

  • Today MySQL down for over 12 hours.

Lame excuses and apoligies are wearing thin.
Guess it’s time to shop for a host that takes this as seriously as I do. One with an actual phone number.

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It depends on how you look at it. Customers who have databases have been able to connect to them… it’s just adding new databases that’s problematic.

This should be fixed now, and sorry for the delay in getting it worked out.

Will, Thank you for your help both on this and other posts that I’ve found re: issues that I needed help with in the past.

Still, I am distressed/disappointed that it’s been 48 hours since my ‘official support request’ and my ticket is only now up to #3 in the que. I’d like to continue using DH because when things are going well, the features, freedom, and community are great, but when I experience downtime (not being able to setup a new db for 24 hours) and read in the forum about other major issues, well…I’m getting nervous.

More than any problems that come up (that’s going to happen anywhere, I accept that) it’s the response time from support. Trolling through the forums I can see that you, Jeff, and many active, knowledgable members do a great job answering questions that come up. However, it really seems that the ‘official support’ channels are struggling for some reason and that worries me greatly.

Am I just catching DH at a bad spot or is this the level of support that I should expect? Maybe there’s a plan in place to better handle the support needs of your customers? If there is, I’d like to know so I can assure my clients that the host I’m choosing for them can provide a reasonable level support.

I’ve used halfpricehost for several years and am basing my hosting expectations on my experience with them. Their pricing structure is similar to yours. Although I haven’t done a thorough comparison of the features, the most important feature to me is 24/7 access to support. I’m not sure where I’m heading with this, but I do know that aside from the support issues there are many reasons I’d like to keep using DH for my *nix clients.

Thanks again and sorry to be down on DH.

For what it’s worth, we are aware of how crazy support has been recently, and the powers that be are taking steps to (hopefully) bring things back to normal. Support has been really busy as of late.

What’s worse is that they’re not held accountable for downtime. I talked to DH tech support and billing about getting some kind of credit for all the downtime lately. And they told me their policy is no credit for downtime on shared hosting plans.

Is that typical elsewhere?