MySQL, ftp, and mail users

I got a little spooked while attempting to delte an unused MySQL database given the confirmation message warned that all users “under” that db would also be deleted and asked if I wanted to continue.

WHen I built the db, I created a user for the db that already existed ( one was an ftp user, another a mail only user ) and I certianly don’t want the “user” deleted just because I killed the db.

It would seem to me that I should be okay to delete the db , and its user(s) and still have my mail/ftp user but then I remembered that you can only assign a user to a single db, and I got worried, not knowing how deeply the “user” permeates the DH panel and exactly how db users are linked within the services. I’m hoping db users are their own special breed and are different than other “service” users.

If anyone knows authoritatively how this works, I would appreciate you sharing the information; I can generate a support request if not(I just thought if someone knew, I wouldn’t add to the DH support workload).