MySQL front?


Is it possible to access my MySQL db using a program located on my pc, rather than going dealing directly with PHPAdmin? I keep getting an error claiming my IP address is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server.


I do not believe you can make external (to the DreamHost network)connections to the MySql servers. It is an added security feature. :wink:



Bah! Humbug! :wink: Thanks :slight_smile:


yes, you CAN! All that you have to do is log into the panel ? Goodies > Mysql. Find the database you want to access, and edit the user for that database. You’ll find a box to put your IP address in so you’re allowed to connect. After that takes effect (no more than 2 hours I should think) you’ll be able to connect from home.




Actually I will change my mind about that. If you add your remote computer details to the username access permissions option you can connect remotely.
I have just tried it remotely with MySql administrator and could connect okay and even managed a SQL backup!

Please see this link in the wiki.

So I would presume once you have set up your remote PC you could run a remote program using a database on your DreamHost account.

Sorry, I was wrong before.



w00t! Thank you both! :smiley: