Mysql from home

I folks, I thought I read this somewhere before on dreamhost (somewhere) that it is actually possible to connect to the dreamhost mysql server from your home computer.

At the moment, I have a local and remote environment for testing, dreamhost = unix and local = windows. Sometimes its difficult to know what is what so if I could you the same database for both this would be great. Can any one help me out on this point. - Over a year with dreamhost, happy man!!!

You will have to find your IP address and then go to the Goodies->Mysql in your panel. Then for each user that you wish to grant outside access to, click Modify User, then enter your IP address in the textbox. You can use wildcards so that if your IP changes, it will still work.

It doesn’t matter if you are Windows and host is Unix in this case.

thanks Luke,
thanks very much for the reply, that worked like a treat.
It’s a pain to move things for my project between home and college, unix and windows, this will simplfiy the task. - Over a year with dreamhost, happy man!!!