MySQL filesize limit

Im planning to make a switch from my host to this host. Is there some kind of filesize limit when i want to upload my database to MySQL in phpmyadmin? (its the place where you locate your file and upload it at the SQL section)

I don’t believe there is a “filesize” limit per se, but you do need to be aware that “large” SQL dumps/imports will fail as they can exceed the execution time allowed for the process. I first encountered this when trying to dump a largish (20MB) database for a backup. Can be worked around with a series of consecutive dumps/imports. As for how large a file you can “safely” process, I do not have a definitive answer.

Good luck!


The easiest way to avoid the issues with phpmyadmin is to just telnet/ssh in and dump the file into the database there. There’s some good documentation in the K-base on how to do it.


Thanks, mattail! Much better methodology (some nights I am just “dim”) :wink:


There are still some limits, even via shell, but most users shouldn’t ever see them. IIRC, I ran into a limit on the number of characters allowed in a single insert, and I had to go back to my old DB and re-export the larger datatables with one insert per record. (I run a medium-sized writing and roleplaying board.)

I did a restore of 2x 200mb MySQL databases (from the command prompt NOT from phpMyAdmin (phpMyAdmin is not appropriate for large dumps or restores) and had NO problems with it. (Good thing I had plenty of other problems which is why I ended up leabing, although the two large databases are still here).

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